If you have an event definition tied to a Redux action that fires too frequently, you can use this util to limit the frequency of analytics events (e.g. form input).


import debounceEvent from '@redux-beacon/debounce-event';


debounceEvent(msDelay, eventDef)


  • msDelay: number
    • The time in milliseconds that needs to elapse between event definition calls
      before the analytics event is dispatched to a target.
  • eventDef: EventDefinition
    • The event you want to debounce.


import debounceEvent from '@redux-beacon/debounce-event';
// A normal event definition
const searchTerm = (action) => ({
hitType: 'event',
eventCategory: 'books',
eventAction: 'search',
eventLabel: action.payload
const eventsMap = {
// Assume that SEARCH_TERM_ENTERED fires whenever a user types a character into
// an input field.
SEARCH_TERM_ENTERED: debounceEvent(1000, searchTerm)
// The analytics event will only fire after 1s since the last entered character
// provide the events map when creating your middleware or meta reducer...
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